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BriteBrush’s patented sensor technology knows if you are brushing correctly.

Packed with patented smart sensor technology and fun game play, BriteBrush knows if you are brushing correctly and helps guide proper brushing through fun and games.

Smart Sensors

Help monitor brushing technique

Side Change Recognition

Promotes total mouth coverage

Friendly BriteBrush™ Coach

Offers tips that help guide brushing

Games and Songs

The better kids brush, the more points they score!

Haptic feedback

For a more immersive multi-sensory experience

Parent Check Light

Let’s you know how they’ve done!

The BriteBrush Difference

Experts agree that learning happens when you’re having fun and thanks to developers of the BriteBrushTM smart toothbrush we deliver that fun while teaching your kids how to brush properly! As they level up, you can wind down. Everyone wins!

How to Brite Brush

  • Step 1


    Brushing Up and Down

  • Step 2


    The different sides and quadrants

  • Step 3




Brite Brush - Baby Shark

Revolutionary oral care technology
Live feedback and side change recognition
Fun games
Like Fun with Bubbles and Treasure Hunt
Favorite Songs
The Original Baby Shark
Extra Soft Brush Head Included

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BriteBrush - Game Brush

Revolutionary oral care technology
Live feedback and side change recognition

Seven fun games
Like Space Attack & Rockstar Jam

Music in game modes
To keep your child brushing

Extra Soft Brush Head Included

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About Us

Brite Brush is the brainchild of award-winning toymakers WowWee and the inventors of Tooth Tunes. The two teamed up to help make good oral care habits fun for kids— and give parents a break from the daily brush battle!